Green cardamom pods originate from the plant native to South India and are most popularly used to create authentic tasting Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. They offer a fragrant, complex flavour that adds a punch to curries and is a fantastic spice used in baking.
Green cardamom pods offer a fantastic fragrant flavour profile that works well in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Cardamom pods derived from a plant native to South India and have since become hugely popular throughout the UK and Europe too.

They have a warm, spicy, aromatic flavour that when used generously offers a unique warmth that works well not only in curries but also when used in baking. When eaten whole the flavour can be quite empowering, yet when used in cooking and baking they should be used generously. Whilst they have a spicy flavour, cardamom pods also provide an underlying citrusy note which is released during cooking.

How to use green cardamom pods

  • Use in pilau rice.
  • Add to curries for an authentic flavour enhancer.
  • Bake spiced biscuits – perfect for the festive season!
  • Add to winter desserts for warmth


September 14, 2020