Byadgi Chilli is highly acclaimed for its high nutritional value and available with high quality standards. We supply Indian Byadgi Chilli in safe packaging that helps in retaining nutritional value for a longer period of time. We offer Indian Byadgi-Chilli at market leading prices
We are a leading byadagi chilli suppliers from karnataka,India. Byadgi chillies are fully Wrinkled chillies, Long sized & Highest level of dark red in color. Byadgi chilli variety is mostly used in south Indian cuisine and it has a Nice aromatic flavor & low pungency level. Therefore, Its used as a chilli powder for Indian masala products & these chillies are popular amongst chilli powder grinders

Cuisine : Byadgi chilli is an important ingredient in less spicy preparations. The aroma & pungency of Byadgi Chilli is very much suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, Italian & Japanese Cuisines. It is also used in meat preparations because of the bright red color that it imparts to the meat. The curry made in Byadgi Chilli not only looks rich but also tastes rich.

2.Oleoresin : Byadgi Chilli is used for extraction of oleoresin, a red oil from the pods. Oleoresin is used in the preparations of nail polish, lipsticks, food, textiles, pharma etc.. About 50 litres of oleoresin can be extracted from about 1 tonne of chillies. Byadgi Chilli is also used in making of some important Ayurveda medicines.


August 28, 2020