Chickpea or Chana as it is widely known in India, is perhaps one of the few ingredients that can serve as a staple in the main course, healthy snack on a lazy weekend or just something to nibble on for killing your boredom hunger.

Also known as Chole in Northern India, these globules that come in black and white colours are not only one of the primary ingredients in the Indian kitchen but also a backbone of Indian agriculture as it produces 67% of the world’s total chickpeas.

The two varieties that are widely available in India are Kala Chana, and Kabuli Chana are also known as Bengal gram, garbanzo, garbanzo bean and Egyptian pea. These yummy legumes are also popular as Kondaikadali in Tamil, Senagalu in Telugu, Kadala in Malayalam and Kadale in Kannada.


February 24, 2019